Class 3

Mr Copsey’s Class 2017-18


Autumn 1- Fantastic Mr Fox


This term every year group is focussing on a different book by the author, Roald Dahl.

In Class 3 our work will be linked to Fantastic Mr Fox.



English Writing Opportunities


Character Descriptions.

Creating our own sequel.

Instructions on how to catch Mr Fox.

Newspaper report based on the missing chickens.

Report writing on fox’s and their habitats.

Debate on whether fox hunting should be banned.


Maths Focus


Addition and Subtraction- Counting the farmer’s animals

Measuring- Measuring capacities to create Bean’s cider.


Science Focus


Animals including humans.

Investigating habitats.

What do we eat? What do animals eat?

Food groups.


Geography Focus

Local Area Study- Where do we live?

What did Lightmoor look like in the past?

What would Mr Fox’s den look like underground?


Art Focus

Painting and Patterns

Painting fox masks

Creating the ‘Big Feast’

Making a fox’s den