Class 4

Mrs Roberts' Class 2019/20



During Autumn 2, year 4 will be going on a chocolaty adventure as they find out about the history of chocolate.


They will be reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl


Who are the Mayans and where did they live?   Class 4 will use a variety of maps to help them locate Mesoamerica and the modern-day countries that now occupy Mayan lands. They will explore different types of maps and consider which are most helpful when locating countries and cities, as well as using online maps to explore the area in which the Maya lived. They will research Mayan life and find out about how they really liked chocolate.


Class 4 will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases.

They will observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius.

They will also identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle and associate the rate of evaporation with temperature.         


In D.T. They will be designing and making a chocolate bar and packaging.

They will also be designing a Mayan time capsule.