Class 2

Miss Azzopardi's Class 2016-17


Spring Term

This half term we will have a history focus and we will be learning all the R.M.S Titanic.        


In English we will be writing diary entries based on passengers on board the Titanic. We will be looking at the different types on passengers on board and how they would have been treated and what they could do or couldn’t do on board. We will also be writing newspaper reports, finding out who was possibly to blame for the sinking of the ship and reading Samson’s Titanic Journey and how he felt on board. We will also be changing parts of the story.


In D.T we will be making our own room from the Titanic. We will be looking at different materials and the items we need in our room. We will be using the ipads to research the type of room we want to make and then our rooms will be put up to create a 3D Titanic display.


In music Mrs Aitchinson will be teaching the children to use their voice and instruments to accompany a video of a ship. Looking at changing tempo or dynamics.


In Science we will be learning about Animals, including Humans. We will be exploring human and physical processes and look at groups of animals and their similarities and differences.


PE- Tuesday and Friday