Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 6

Mr Copsey's Class 2019/20

This term we will be focussing on Geography, Science and Art.


In Geography, the topic we are studying is ‘Extreme Earth’.

We will be looking at the Earth’s extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying tsunamis.

We will also be exploring how these affect people, communities and landscapes.


In Art, we will be practising our craft skills by designing and making waves linked to the ‘Great Wave’ by Hokusai.

We will also be looking at using Computers to design various weather scenes on Art Revelation.


In Science, we will be focussing on Evolution and Adaptation.

This scheme of work will get the children thinking about characteristics passed from one generation to the next and how species have adapted to suit their environments. It goes on to explain the process of natural selection, and how our understanding of the process of evolution has developed over time thanks to the work of scientists and palaeontologists.

Our class text will be ‘Ice Bear’.

We will be linking the work we do in English to Science and looking at how the various characters adapt to their surroundings and the changing environment.