Class 5

Mrs Nelms' Class 2016-17


Summer Term

Our theme for this term has a History focus:

Viking Invaders and the Anglo-Saxons


We will be studying lifestyles, art, famous Gods, buildings and invasions throughout the history of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

Already this term we have had a visit from Fran, who works for the Shropshire Museum Service. She helped to introduce our theme, teaching us to work as archaeologists to examine replica artefacts, including: pottery, wooden plates, metal spoons, dinking horns and jewellery, to discover what life was like during that period in history.  


In English we have already studied film narratives and considered how directors use music, camera angles, lighting and images, together with the spoken word, to create atmosphere and build suspense.

The Piano by Aidan Gibbons



We are now working on writing biographies, both for famous people and also for our peers. It would be great if we could extend this theme and write a biography for someone in our family; possibly one of our grandparents or a great aunt or uncle…


Our ongoing work with multiplication tables has had an amazing impact on all aspects of mathematics this year, from instant recall of multiplication and division facts, calculating the area and perimeter of shapes, to our work with fractions, decimals and percentages.

We will continue to extend our work on fractions this term, together with using our knowledge of the properties of 2D shapes to calculate missing angles and lengths. We will also develop our resilience when solving problems across all areas of mathematics.


In Science we are studying the properties and changes of materials under certain conditions and their practical uses in everyday life.

Testing the viscosity of different brands of tomato ketchup was very interesting, if a little messy!


Investigating which material would make the best filter to produce clear water resulted in surprising conclusions.


After half term will move on to consider the different life cycles of mammals, plants, insects, birds and amphibians, drawing links to our work last term when we created the School’s own wildlife pond.


In Art we will be studying the work of Claude Monet and his water lily paintings. This idea arose from the fact that we have just planted a water lily in our wildlife pond. We will take some of his famous pictures and use them as a stimulus, to create our own art in this style. 


In French we have learnt the names of various foods and drinks and how to order them in a restaurant. This inspired us to read the well-known book The Hungry Caterpillar, translated into French (La chenille qui fait des trous). We were then able to compare the vocabulary used, word order in sentences, as well as reviewing our knowledge of the days of the week, numbers and different foods.


Outdoor / Indoor PE is dependent on the weather. This term our focus has been kwik cricket and we will move on to athletics after half term in preparation for our annual Sports Day.

 From September, Class 5 has had weekly music lessons with a peripatetic teacher from Music 2the 4. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning to play brass instruments, and are delighted that these lessons will continue until the end of July.