Class 6

Mrs Roberts' Class 2017-18


As part of our whole school half-term focus on Roald Dahl, year 6 will be studying ‘Matilda.’


At the beginning of the story there are school reports for a number of different children. We will write our own school reports for one of our friends or our favourite book characters. Matilda reads a lot in the story and has several favourite books. Year 6 will be discussing and recommending their favourite books to each other. In the book, Miss Honey visits the Wormwood’s house to discuss Matilda but they will not speak to her. The children will be writing letters to the Wormwoods from Miss Honey explaining what she wanted to discuss. There will be many opportunities to describe and compare characters as well as writing from a different point of view (e.g. the parrot). We will also be composing magical stories where characters have super powers and can perform tricks on others.

Drama will be a focus for the half-term where freeze frames will be encouraged to enable characters to reflect on their inner thoughts. Mr Wormwood will be put on trial and a court case will be held with a jury and witnesses. Other drama activities will include role-play between characters and holding a TV chat show.


Year 6 will calculate Mr Wormwood’s profit and create and answer a set of Wormwood style arithmetic questions. They will also develop their ability to work out fractions and percentages.

We will focus on Number and place value, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication and division this half-term leading onto fractions next half-term.


In Science we will also be studying animals and their habitats. We will look closely at how animals are grouped using a classification system.

We will be making references to ‘Matilda’ throughout other areas in the curriculum. Please come to our exhibition later in the half-term.