Lightmoor Village Primary School

How we Assess


The system that we use for assessment is Assertive Mentoring, this is a whole school system that has proven to be successful here at Lightmoor.


The Aims of Assertive Mentoring are: 

  • To raise standards for all
  • To motivate and involve children in their learning
  • To inform and involve parents/carers in their child’s learning

Assertive Mentoring brings together a whole series of initiatives and policies which already existed at Lightmoor Village Primary School. The system simply improves the systems and focuses highly on ‘shining the light on the positive’.

Assertive Mentoring targets what a child can do, and what they need to do to move to the next level. It allows teachers to have a conversation with pupils and agree achievable targets in reading, writing and mathematics.  Each child has the opportunity to have 1:1 meetings with their class teacher to discuss their learning and areas of development.

The system facilitates sharing targets and outcomes with parents and carers throughout the year so that they can help their child to achieve even more quickly. Within this system children know exactly what level they are working at, and what they need to do to move on.

Children are given a colour based on their success of meeting ARE, progress expectations and also homework, punctuality, uniform, behaviour and effort in school.


Assertive mentoring is based on a colour coding system:

Green - means that the child is on target, in-line with expectations for attainment, attitude, achievement and behaviour.

Yellow - means that the child has met some expectations and is almost on target, but still has room for improvement.

Red - means that the child is not meeting their targets and requires further support to achieve   these in attainment, attitude and/or behaviour.


What are the advantages of Assertive Mentoring?

  • Children judge their own learning and behaviour
  • Children are empowered to take ownership and control of the way they behave and their attitude to learning
  • Parents and carers are informed regularly throughout the year
  • Children who have a good attitude to learning and school life are praised
  • Children who need further support in any areas of school life can be identified and support given as soon as possible.

Alongside Assertive Mentoring class teachers also use ‘Rising Stars’ and other assessment tools for measuring attainment and progress at the end of a term for specific subjects.