Lightmoor Village Primary School

Our Vision

Lightmoor Village Primary School Vison

 “Growing Together”

 At Lightmoor Village Primary School everything we do is based on building positive attachments with our children.  We aim to ensure that each and every one of our pupils leaves us well prepared and ready to move onto their next stage in education.  We share the ethos amongst our staff, pupils and community that we are all on this learning journey together and that we never stop learning and growing.

It is our drive here at Lightmoor to ensure that our curriculum reflects that of the Early Years Foundation Stage, that it is ambitious, meaningful and that it is as creative and practical as possible for our pupils.  By making links through different subjects, we aim to bring learning to life as a strategy for helping our children embed their learning and to help them ‘know more and to remember more!’

We liken the curriculum to a spiral; knowledge and skills that overlap during the learning process. The overlapping nature of the spiral emphasises the need and enables our teachers to revisit previous teaching and powerful knowledge at each stage, whilst also providing the children with regular practice for the retrieval of knowledge.

Lightmoor Village Primary School follows the expectations of the National Curriculum and the belief that ‘knowledge matters’.  Each subject area is carefully planned and taught in a logical sequence to build on pupils existing skills and knowledge enabling them to progress well throughout their learning journey with us here at Lightmoor. 

Our key curriculum drivers are ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and ‘Endless Opportunities.’ With these as a focus behind our curriculum offer, we aim to ensure that our pupils in school acknowledge and celebrate the rich diversity of the population within Telford and beyond and that they are aspirational learners who aim high and believe they can succeed in their next stage of education, in their future careers and all other aspects of their lives.

The school is at the heart of the local community and we work in partnership together to develop the skills, talents and experiences of our learners. We recognise the important role that our parents and carers play as our pupils’ first and most enduring educators and we value the contributions they make.